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I'm Howie Mann,

I'm a startup executive and former investment banker.

This website is where I share things I have learnt that have helped me problem solve in the world of startups and investing.

I hope it will help you too.

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How the US Air Force Ditched the "Average" and Saved Lives

July 2, 2022 | 3 minute read


The average is a myth. Understand the pitfalls of the average and how it can conceal useful information. How the US Air Force threw out the average and saved lives. Use distributions to better understand your data.

How to Solve the Right Problem - 4 Simple Questions to ask

June 18, 2022 | 6 minute read


Ask: 1) Whose problem is it really? 2) What is their problem? 3) Where does the problem come from? 4) Do we really need to solve the problem?

Learn React - Hooks and Context

May 8, 2022 | 16 minute read


Practical tutorial of using React Hooks, Custom Hooks and Context API when adding new features to your web app. Adding keyboard shortcut features to the classic Todo App teaching exercise.

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